Monday, January 30, 2012

All I Want Are Some Coupons!!!

I had a fight with a couple of very annoying ink cartridges today. It wasn't pretty and it didn't end well.

We haven’t had a printer set up since being married. Ryan got it up and running last night, but the ink wasn’t working. We figured it was just really old or simply out of ink. 

I have the day off and was so excited to make a big grocery trip- I'm really embracing this whole wife thing. I’m trying to buy as much food for the whole month as possible (except for a few things that need to be fresh, like fruit, veggies, etc.) in hopes that we won't spend as much on food. I even took the time and effort to plan out meals for the whole month, so I get exactly what I need. Nothing more, nothing less. Fyi, it's usually harder to stick to the nothing more part.

Going along with this plan to not spend so much, I’m aspiring to be the next Extreme Couponer (not really). This is why I was so excited to have the ability to print off coupons for this trip. Was is the key word. 

Ok, so all I had to do was run and get new ink cartridges and put them in the printer. Sounds easy enough. I took the trip out, bought the new ones, got home, opened them, and then attempted to install them. I knew where they went, but I could not for the life of me, figure out how to get them in. I saw a website I could go to that would help me, but it failed. Either that or I failed. Not quite sure. On the side of the page it asked if this website was “helpful, sort of helpful, or not helpful”. I kept looking for the “not at all helpful and I’m really mad about it” button. Couldn’t find it.

I texted Ryan at work, being all damsel in distress-like. He called me and tried to explain it to me, but I was just not able to do it. The frustrating part was how simple I knew it was. I could hear the cartridges laughing at me.

A few inky fingers later I gave up. I couldn’t do it. I actually got emotional about it too. I almost started to cry. What the heck?! I'm letting ink cartridges and the fact that I can't get coupons make me cry?! This is when I knew I needed to blog about it, to relieve my frustration. I just really wanted coupons for my big trip today. You know that feeling when you time everything just right, but then one thing goes wrong and throws everything else off? Hate that.

Deep breath. Ok. I'm over it. No, really, I am. I'm not going to let those stupid ink cartridges and even those stupid coupons that are still sitting so nicely on their web page, unprinted, get the best of me. I'm not that pathetic.

So, if you ever need help installing ink cartridges into your printer, don’t call me. That is unless you simply need a sympathetic ear or shoulder to cry on when you can’t figure it out either. 

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