Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Boredom Domination

Oh summer. Very few people my age get a spring break and I'm one of the lucky ones. In my first week off I have already come across the dreadfulness that is boredom. Don't get me wrong, I am VERY thankful I don't HAVE to work right now. I have been able to read, relax, workout, clean, see friends and family, watch TLC and HGTV all day, "sleep-in"ish, eat whenever I want, go the the beach, takes naps, shop. It's been awesome. BUT there have already by times I just want to get away from myself or do something new and exciting. Which brings me to the real reason I am posting this post.

I have a goal. I'm usually not a "goal kinda girl" but eh, thought I'd try it. Goal is... do something new each day this summer. Lofty. I know. I'm already realizing I shouldn't have put that down on "paper".

The idea came to me last night as I was attempting to fall asleep but couldn't because of all my pent up, unused energy from the day. I was sad that my I was bored on my SUMMER BREAK. That has to illegal in at least 49 of the 50 states. The idea continued into day on my run. I began to change my mind as to what route I was going to take. All of a sudden I just decided to go down streets I'd never been on.  "Let's see where this one goes," I thought to my self. It probably went a little more like "Let's see... where... this one... goes." It felt SO refreshing to change up my route. To not have a specific time or distance I was going for. To

My "I want to do something new" idea continued later on in the day when I decided to go to a nearby beach I always saw from the highway but never knew how to get to. I went down quite a few back roads, made only three U-turns, and found my way there. It was great. Sitting on a picnic bench, reading. But not too long into my happiness and non-boredom, I started smelling something. Smoke. Not fire smoke... like drugs smoke. It wasn't a cigarette, I know that, because I "secretly" kinda of like the smell of cigarette smoke. No no no. This smell brought me back to my time in Jamaica. There was a creepy man a little ways behind me. I tried my best to just ignore him, telling myself I'd be fine. There were people around so I knew he probably wouldn't try anything. But I think I've seen one too many movies because I got up and left. Looking behind me as I got in my car I saw him looking back at me. EEEEE!!! Creepy. Last time I go to THAT beach alone. Fun adventure nonetheless though.

So with my mini-adventures today I have decided to try/do something new each day. Some ideas I have:

Baking/cooking something new (I can use this multiple times if I run out of ideas)
Moving all my living room furniture out of the way and choreograph a dance routine (Ryan and I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance)
Write a short story
Volunteer somewhere
Road trip to see my friend Mallory in Kentucky (already in the works)
Sew something (HAS to be small)
Plant something
Learn how to play a song on the guitar
Make my wedding album that I've put off for over a year

Ok, that's all I can ponder up at the moment.

Boring summer, all I have to say is, watch out. You're about to be dominated.